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BCB should stop disparity of local and foreign players payment in BPL

After interrupting season BPL going to recommence their 3rd edition from 22nd November, 2015 and the “player by choice” will be held on 26th October. The franchise already started to contract with the foreigners. BCB had released both participants from local and foreign players payment list. 
BCB select 6 icon players from local players and  According to the payment list every icon cricketer will get  Tk. 35,00000  which is nearly Tk.  21,00000 less than A-category overseas players. On the other hand all the icon players are contracted directly before the player by choice auction where definitely their compensation would rise.
When it was asked to Bangladesh Cricket Board director Mr. Mallick, he replied it very politely that the local players are paid as the other domestic tournaments they got. He also confessed that  Tamim and a few other cricketers deserve to get more compensation But at the moment, It is not possible for them to pay much to the local cricketers.
At last he said they have planned to pay proper payment in time and assured that they will try to increase their compensation in the next.
On the other hand the former Director of Bangladesh Cricket Board Khondoker Jamil Uddin has disappointed for  BCB’s payment list.  He believes BCB should take the matter seriously and said that the foreign cricketers should be paid more otherwise they would not come to  play but the local players compensation is so small. It would  appropriate if they   paid Tk . 50,00000. He also believes that it is too important way to  encourage them to play better in the next.