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New rules and few changes going to be seemed in this year and future BPL


Though the last season of BPL was shameful for Bangladesh, this year the tournament going to be continue their journey with a great dignity. BCB ensured that this season there will not happen anything wrong.
BPL committee take some important decision for the upcoming tournament and the future BPL in order to increase the standard of T20 in Bangladesh. According to their decision we will see some changes in BPL (3) and future BPL.
Changing rules in BPL 3
The third edition of BPL has been changed it’s structure. This season all foreign cricketers is divided into 4 categories A,B,C,D and each team can choose 1 player from 1 category. If they want to hire more than 1 the BPL committee will not take their responsibility.
The 2nd change is that every team can choose 1 Bangladeshi Icon player and 3 another player from each categories A,B,C. They can also choose 2 under-19 players.
Changing rules in future
BPL Governing Council announced that Next season the participant teams number going to be changed and it rise up into 10. they also said that next season every City Corporation will hold a team.
However, let’s see the changes proved good or bad for BPL. Bangladesh Cricket Board is thinking that the decision will prove brighter for the present and future BPL. They also think money has not made any issue in future for this decision.
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