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Barisal Bulls Theme Song (+Download)

The Bangladeshi famous singer Asif Akber has vocalized the official theme song for Barisal Bulls. The song opening lines is “Barisal Bulls shamal shamal, Barisal Bulls kamal kamal” and the song lyric encourage the cricketers of the franchises. This phenomenal singer sang another cricket related song, “Shabash Bangladesh” and it became the famous one along now.

To download Barisal Bulls theme song click here and insert below link –

The song is full of emotions and it will increase the energy level of the players. Asif Akbar is the most popular of Bangladesh. He has won the million people heart by singing “Shabash Bangladesh” and he believes this will be rising the same position.

Asif is not only the theme singer also the brand ambassador of the Barisal side. Many Comilla franchises fans has requestetd Asif to sing for his home team but he claimed that Comilla franchises had not proposed him and he signed for Barisal.